The Art Of Vanilla Gift Carding

The Art Of Vanilla Gift Carding

How many summer gifts! In addition to birthdays and saints, the memories of the holidays or the details to friends who invite us to spend a few days in their beach house (lucky ones) force us to awaken our imagination in search of cool things, original gifts and gadgets with which surprise them. Are you invited to spend a picnic day? The hostess will appreciate a melamine tableware. It consists of flat, deep and dessert dishes, a bowl and two cups. Its design inspired by the traditional tablecloths used in picnics of yesteryear make this tableware an ideal gift. Apart from this vanilla visa gift card balance is also an enjoyable gift.

Design bottle in attractive colors

Justwater is a bottle with a stylized design, which is available in several attractive colors:  blue, lime, purple and transparent. Made of silicone and ABS, these materials do not alter the taste of water, as its name indicates “only water”. In this way vanilla visa gift card balance, you can fill it as many times as you want with the assurance that its content is totally healthy. Thanks to its hermetic lid it is ideal to take it anywhere without fear of the contents spilling into the beach bag.

Summer gifts for cocktail lovers

The James cocktail shaker from XD Design, which distributes + D2, is perfect for preparing the most exquisite cocktails. James is an elegant cocktail shaker that includes a meter, a stirrer and a mortar. The meter, made of glass and silicone, allows metering the right amount of drink to mix and includes a filter to prevent the pieces of ice or fruit pulp from passing through.

For barbecue masters

The barbecue is one of the star dishes at this time. Set Barbecue signature LOOOQS, which distributes + D2 consists of an aluminum box, which imitates the trunks typical design tools, including 3 stainless steel utensils: a spatula, fork and tongs. Everything you need to prepare a tasty barbecue.

A bird that sings everything

The signature bird speaker, distributed by + D2, is a perfect summer gift for those who cannot live without music. It is a practical portable speaker that connects to your mobile, computer or iPod to listen to your music wherever you want. It works with a rechargeable battery: with just one hour of charge it is possible to enjoy 6 hours of playback.

Lunch boxes to eat away from home

Expert presents the new Lunchbox, the ideal solution for healthy eating on the beach. This fun Lunchbox collection allows you to take your food from home keeping it always fresh and tasty. It is a most practical lunch box since it has two compartments. A large lower compartment, ideal to put lunch (salad, rice or sandwich), and an upper one to carry bread, fruit and even cutlery or napkin.