CBD Oil for Scar Healing – Is It Effective to Treat Scarring

CBD Oil for Scar Healing – Is It Effective to Treat Scarring

Scars heal with normal course of time and do not cause any significant problems. However, in some cases, it can impact the quality of living. They can cause psychological distress to some people. Since past few years, scientists have performed many studies and made several discoveries about how CBD can benefit the skin. In this article, we will understand how CBD oil can reduce scarring.

Before proceeding ahead, we have to understand how the scars are formed. Any injury to the skin like burn, cut or a skin condition leads to scarring. As soon as the skin is injured, your skin releases white blood cells to protect the damaged area from spread the infection any further. The brain instructs cell fragments to travel to the infected area to create blood clot.

As soon as the bleeding is stopped, fibroblasts produce protein known as collagen. Collagen helps in strengthening the wounded area and helps it healing. It also produces a bump and redness on the skin. This is the initial stage of scar formation which will last for several months.

As the time passes, collagen starts breaking down and blood flow normalizes. At this point of time, scars will start fading away. This process can be extended to as long as 2-3 years.

There are different types of scars namely:

  • Fine Line Scars
  • Widespread scars
  • Pitted scars
  • Scar contracture
  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Keloid scars

CBD is one of the most active compounds produced by the cannabis. You can buy CBD oil because it has gain sudden popularity since past few years. It is usually extracted from the industrial hemp and hence it is legal in most of the places.

How will CBD heal the scars

According to the recent studies, CBD can help in enhancing the wound healing process and reduce any further scar formation. You have to understand the right way to apply it correctly on the scarred area. Many people use CBD oil orally but this is not a very effective way for reducing scarring. To obtain the maximum results, it is recommended to apply the oil directly to the scar. Many specially formulated creams or ointments are available online to heal the scarring.

Before purchasing the product, check out the difference between ointment and cream. Ointments are usually thicker and much greasier than the creams. They usually have moisturizing properties and take much more time to absorb. While purchasing the product, make sure that you go through all the reviews and testimonials to make an informed decision.

There is limited research as far as CBD for scarring is concerned. None of the method is 100% effective for scar healing but there is a limited risk to try CBD for skin healing. However, it is always advisable to discuss with the physician before proceeding ahead with the treatment. Your physician is well aware of your medical history. If you are already undergoing the medication, they will make sure that the current medication does not react to CBD or its ingredients.